Cast Tec Victorian Corbel Limestone Fireplace

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The Victorian Corbel is a exclusive yet elegant and beautifully proportioned mantelpiece produced here in pure Turkish Limestone. This simple, unique design has a contemporary feel and is ideally suited to partner the Cast Tec range of cast iron fireplaces. The Kensington has a shelf length of 1350mm (53"), and is available as a full limestone suite, which includes a hearth and back panel suitable for gas or electrical appliances.
A stylish, modern surround created by Cast Tec, the Victorian Corbel features a exquisite curve style around the chest that extends down the legs. The stepped mantel shelf compliments this, resulting in a mantel that equally suits all types of settings; Modern or traditional.The Victorian Corbel is available here in natural Turkish limestone. This unique design is ideally suited to be combined with most inserts. Whether it's a flat back panel for standard 16" gas fire or one of our most highly advanced integra range of cast iron inserts that allows you to choose a powerful gas fire, electric fire or balanced flue gas fire.
Manufacturer Part Number CAS014

Mantel Dimensions
A:1350 mm
B:1133 mm
C:915 mm
D:915 mm
E:1300 mm
F:207 mm
G:75 mm

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