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Flueless Gas Fires

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Flueless fires are a safe, highly efficient alternative to traditional flued fires. They are more effective than flued fires because all the heat generated by the fire is kept in the room, rather than a percentage of it disappearing up a chimney. With rising gas prices, flueless fires are a great way to make sure that you can make the most of your fire without worrying about the bill. We pride ourselves in having a huge selection of fires and to do this we stock the best brands including Burley, Smeg and many more.

Rather than relying on a flue to take harmful gasses out of the room, they burn fuel cleanly, and keep it safe with a catalytic converter. Flueless fires often come fitted with an air-quality monitor which will shut the fire down if the catalytic converter fails. The lack of a chimney means that they won't be damaged by debris or made less efficient by the effects of a draught. They're also convenient, able to be fitted much more quickly than flued fires.

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